Cross Media Awareness Campaign

Emotional loneliness in the digital age” – A cross media campaign for the gaming community.




More young people are becoming lonely, especially from the “Generation Y“ in the digital age. But why is that? They in particular can use social media to reach more and more people that they do not know. Especially for gamers “emotional loneliness“ is difficult to recognize, because they are constantly in virtual contact with other players. For this reason, an awareness campaign will be launched as a first solution for the problem of loneliness in the digital age.



The concept is to use the language and imagery of the gamers within three phases of the target group to show that they can also be affected by “emotional loneliness“; in the global world and also gives support for the return to a more social everyday life.

The 1rst phase deals with increasing interest of the target group. Individually tailored online-ads, pizza boxes and postcards at the doctor are designed to create attention and get them to a microsite where they get the awareness.

The 2nd phase of the campaign is the awareness itself, which is based on the microsite. The main part is a teaser.

The 3rd phase consists of a call-to-action in the form of an app. The aim of the app is to strengthen the personality of the person. If the program is successfully completed, the person gets an invitation to an event – the highlight of the campaign. Not only the affected person will experience a process, also the campaign design will change from phase to phase. 


1st Phase

1 | Online Advertisement



2 | Flyer






3 | Pizza Box



2nd Phase

1 | Microsite




2 | Video-Teaser



3rd Phase

1 | App



2 | Event
Invitation Cards



3 | Poster





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Ich bin Louisa, freiberufliche Art Directorin und Graphic Artist mit einer Leidenschaft für die Erstellung von crossmedialer Kreativ-Konzepte für Werbekampagnen, die durch einen klaren Fokus auf das Besondere, Aufmerksamkeit für relevante Themen und spannende Marken schaffen.

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