Poster Series

The Acrylic manufacturer “Amsterdam” released a new color “the expert series”.
It has a higher color intensity than other ones in the market.


The goal of the poster series is to emphasize the peculiarity of the Expert Series and to attract attention with loud and powerful posters.


Color is the most important aspect of communication in the world. It is vital to ensure the survival of all species. No color can be so colorful asthe nature itself. Therefore the poster will show the nature even brighter than it is.


Five nature motifs were chosen to illustrate how important color for nature is and especially for us humans. The pictures are in black and white. At the same time, the acrylic paint is scratched on the image and takes on the structure and color of the nature motif. This makes the motifs shine in their full splendor. The idea is based on the works of Gerhard Richter, who also prepared photos with acrylic paint.










































































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Louisa is a Graphic Artist & Art Director, who offers cross media creative concepts for advertising campaigns to draw attention to relevant topics and exciting brands.

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